Tuesday, 10 November 2015

IPTL 2015 schedule - International Premier Tennis League

International Premier Tennis League had been announced and people are excited to view this competition. In IPTL 2015, five teams are participating. The tournament will be played from 2nd December 2015 to 20th December 2015. The teams which are taking part in this tournament are Indian Aces, UAE Royals, Philippine Mavericks, Singapore Slammers and Japan Warriors. In this tournament the schedule makes odd reading but players are aware of their play dates. They also know who will play whom on which location. While in 2014 the four-team format fitted neatly into the timescale, but because of five team competition the schedule is complex. Organizers are still confused to incorporate this tournament into a competitive league format.

IPTL 2015 Team Squad and Schedule  

This competition will start in Japan on 2nd December 2015 and its final will be played in Singapore on 20th December 2015. The schedule for IPTL is as follows:

Japan:  The matches who will be played in Japan are for three days. The matches which will be played on
2nd December are Japan Warriors v UAE Royals and Indian Aces v Singapore Slammers. On 3rd December competition matches are Japan Warriors v Singapore Slammers and hilippine Mavericks v UAE Royals. While on 4th December the matches are schedule between Japan Warriors v Indian Aces and Philippine Mavericks v Singapore Slammers.

Manila: After Japan the matches will be played in Manila for 3 days. On 6th December the matches are Philippine Mavericks v UAE Royals and Singapore Slammers v Japan Warriors. On 7th December the competition matches are Philippine Mavericks v Japan Warriors and Indian Aces v UAE Royals. On 8th December the matches are Philippine Mavericks v Indian Aces and UAE Royals v Singapore Slammers.

New Delhi: Some matches will also be played in New Delhi for 3 days. On 10th December the matches are Indian Aces v Singapore Slammers and Japan Warriors v UAE Royals. On 11th December, matches are Indian Aces v Japan Warriors and Singapore Slammers v Philippine Mavericks. On 12th December the matches which will be played are Indian Aces v UAE Royals and Japan Warriors v Philippine Mavericks.

Dubai: After India the matches will be played in Dubai for 3 days. On 14th December, UAE Royals v Philippine Mavericks and Indian Aces v Japan Warriors. On 15th December the matches are UAE Royals v Singapore Slammers and Philippine Mavericks v Indian Aces. On 16th December, UAE Royals v Japan Warriors and Singapore Slammers v Indian Aces.

Singapore: The last three days matches of IPTL 2015 will be played in Singapore. On 18th December the match which will be played are Singapore Slammers v Philippine Mavericks and UAE Royals v Indian Aces. On 19h December, the matches are Singapore Slammers v UAE Royals and Philippine Mavericks v Japan Warriors. The final match of this tournament will be played on 20th December 2015.

IPTL 2015 match highlight 

 IPTL 2015 Schedule 


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