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Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal IPTL live 12 December 2015

Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal IPTL 2015 live 12 December match prediction highlight live score Indian Aces vs. Singapore SlammersThe 2015 season of IPTL is going to be great as tennis fans in the country will witness a clash between their two favorite stars. Yes you’re guessing it’s absolutely right an exciting match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal is the special gift of IPTL 2015. The match between these two players is always a treat to watch and this time Indians have got the chance to experience it live.

Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer Date Time

The marquee match will take place on December 12th and is all set to spice up the Indian edition of International Premier Tennis League 2015.
Tame: 4:30 pm(IST) [India]
Place: The match will be held in capital city New Delhi and all the tennis fans are eager to be watching this exciting match.

IPTL 2015 Schedule in India 

 Date                  Time        Match
10th Dec, 2015 4:30pm Indian Aces vs. Singapore Slammers 
11th Dec, 2015                 Indian Aces vs. Japan Warriors 
12th Dec, 2015                 Indian Aces vs. UAE Royals 

Rafael Nadal: This popular tennis star is going to make his debut in the second season of IPTL 2015 and will be the marquee player of the defending champions Indian Aces.

Roger Federer: Roger Fedrerer was the marquee player for the Indian Aces in the first season. But for the second year he will be joining the UAE Royals.
Some of the biggest names from the Tennis world have joined and become a part of this league which shows that the events are getting popular around the world.
And this time with the top international players and the Formal World No.1 Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer setting up the court on fire in India, the things are getting grand for IPTL 2015.

Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer live Streaming 

Live Streaming: The clash is going to be superbly exciting and there is no doubt about the fact that fans are dying to watch it. Therefore live streaming options will be provided so that players can watch these matches on their desktop, laptop and mobile too.


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